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Free Custom Electronic Sample (e-sampleTM)
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Take Advantage - Get Your e-sample Watch NOW
...and with your Logo on it -- THIS watch does more than tell time.

Here at Fotowatch, we are pleased to offer free customized e-sample with your company / organizational logo on the dial. The free e-sample watch, which allows you to see your logo on the watch of your choice, acts as your convincer. Ordering is Easy. Details are shown below.


We can work with various formats.
However, those shown below are most common and easiest for us to work with.

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • EPS
  • GIF
  • BMP
  • TIFF
  • CPT (Corel Photo Paint)
  • CDR (Corel Draw)
  • PSD or AI (Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator)

Whenever possible, please send your logo in both black and white and in color.

Minimum size should be 4" x 4" (300 dpi). We can work with artwork which is in a format other than those above, but please do try to keep the file size under 1 megabyte.


If you would like to see your logo on one of our watches, simply send us an e-mail with your logo attached. Either..

  1. Click here to use our Easy 3 STEP Form...
  2. Or, from within the product pages, click on watch thumbnail and then press the Gold "Request an e-Sample" Button in bottom right-hand corner of pop-up window...
  3. Or use your own e-mail client
    (Please see instructions below)

Note: Be sure to include your company name, the model number of your selected watch, your requested delivery date and the approximate quantity of watches you are looking to order.

 To Send Using Your Own e-mail Client... 


  •  Click on the "E-mail icon" Link (shown below),
  •  Type your message, including the above requested details,
  •  Click on the "Attach" button,
  •  Then locate the artwork file for your logo on your
     hard drive, floppy-drive or network.
  •  CLICK "Send" and...

Fotowatch will do the rest. We'll e-mail you back with an electronic sample!
You'll have a detailed proposal within 72 Hours - saving YOU lots of precious Time.

e-mail us
E-mail: esample at

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