An Inconvenient Truth – Climate change in Business

An Inconvenient Truth – Climate change in Business

“Your mouth is sooo dry you can’t swallow.
Every step forward is a drag – it feels like you’re carrying lead weights under your soles.
It’s hard to breathe,  everything seems out of your control…”

You urge just a sip of water, even some drops – is all that you want AND need right now.

Walking in the desert is no fun! A drought can happen everywhere …any time.

Having to deal with a lot of heat and Not getting enough liquid  – that’s called a dry-spell.


The same can happen in Business Life.

  1. No prospects in the pipeline,
  2. no clients waiting to close,
  3. no new orders to write
  4. and not enough income to hold out for much longer.

All you want and urge for is a healthy stream of income!


As you know – we do not control the weather!
But we can control certain outcomes in business.

How do we do that?
What could possibly be the answer…?


Marketing consists – in the most simple definition – of four components.
The Classic 4 P’s

1. Product
2. Price
3. Position/Placement
4. Promotion

That’s a little bit too abstract. Let’s dig in deeper.

1. A product or service that customers want.
2. A price customers are willing to pay.
3. Offering the product/service in a way and/or place where customers can get it.
4. Ways to market, promote, advertise and sell the offer.

Meanwhile, the 4P model has evolved and there are 5P models, even 7P models,
with added terms like People, Packaging or Process.

However, this alone doesn’t give us the necessary answer to our problem, does it?

So, we better ask our selves:
What exactly can cause the Sahara-like-drought effect?
What is really lacking?
What was the tipping point?


Let’s take a closer look at the 4P’s.

You do have a product/service that customers want…
The price is right too…
and most likely the way and place customers can get it didn’t change.

Which leave us to just one possibility

– You did NOT do enough and in the right way your MARKETING No 4.
– Not told enough people about your products!
– Not enough people are aware of you AND your products!
– Not enough calls have been made to talk to prospects, leads, and customers.
– Not enough money has been spent to attract top customer and top talent.
– Not invested sufficient efforts in reactivating existing customer.
… just to name a few!


All this can easily be changed – and avoid the dry-spell or shorten its time.

Communicate – Promote – Do your Marketing.


Wish you all the success for your business.

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