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Military Time 24 Hour Custom Watches with Date...

The 24-Hour Gift Watch That Communicates Every Hour of the Day the Importance
of Readiness & Preparedness to Success on a Personal and Professional Level.
Reward Your Team, Group or Members in a Big Way for a Job Well Done & Goals Achieved
with this One-of-a-Kind Award Watch That Motivates & Inspires 24/7

Show Your Appreciation 24 Hours Per Day!

Remove the headache of finding the right gift at the right time. Task Accomplished.
...with your choice of an Authentic 24 Hour Dial Custom Watch of Impeccable Quality
powered by Swiss 24-Hour Movement
We Ship Worldwide Since 1996 - Premium Quality... Great Price... Guaranteed!

2039M24-KKS - Silicone Strap - Swiss Movement
2039M24-PWS - Silicone Strap - Swiss Movement
2003B24-GB - Leather Strap - Swiss Movement
2039M24-KKL - Leather Strap - Swiss Movement
2039M24-PWL - Leather Strap - Swiss Movement
2003B24-GB - Leather Strap - Swiss Movement

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Reward Commitment & Dedication

A Unique 24 Hour Award Watch with Date will help your organization to:

  • Reward Years of Service
  • Mark Milestones & Anniversaries
  • Mark Graduation or Training Completion
  • Make Your Members & Employees Feel Special
  • Promote Pride in Your Organization, Department or School
  • Recognize Achievement & Show Appreciation
  • Retain Valued Members, Customers & Personnel

Every single day you get a fresh new opportunity to show the vital function that your organization and its members provide. Acknowledge your appreciation for those whose hard work & dedication goes above and beyond -- because...

An authentic, high quality 24 Hour Dial Military Time watch will be cherished 24 Hours a Day -- 7 Days a Week -- for Years.

Looking for that memorable Gift that shows with Quality and Style your true Appreciation for those whose dedication & achievement makes the difference? Ready to celebrate a significant accomplishment or milestone achieved in a big way? Look no further than a unique 24-Hour Dial Watch that promotes, rewards and inspires success 24 hours a day. Those who receive one will cherish it... every day. Those who don't will that much harder to merit their own.

Versatile Black, Silver or Gold Ion-Plated Stainless-Steel 5 ATM Military Awards Logo Watch for Day and Evening Wear.
Available from 25 pieces.
Promote your Organization, Military Branch, Police, Sheriff & Fire Departments, your Academy or Medical Profession while inspiring loyalty. Show your dedicated members & employees that you appreciate their hard work. A gift choice to be admired.

Acknowledge your support for those who contribute to your organization's success.

  • Members & Employees
  • Officers & Commanders
  • Managers & Executives
  • Cadets | Graduates | Alumni
  • Customers & Supporters
  • Faculty | Staff | Instructors
  • Police | Sheriffs | Firemen
  • Military | Armed Forces
  • Pilots | Aviation Personnel
  • Doctors & Nurses
  • Active & Retired Veterans
  • Aerospace Professionals
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