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Customized logo watches...

If you're looking for better ways to promote...
Logo Watches as a marketing tool is the answer

Marketing Tools for YOU increase
sales, communication, and productivity.

We all have the same goal. We're looking for better ways to promote our organization's products and services, increase image/brand recognition, increase sales... spending countless hours on research, studying all kinds of brochures, magazines and print catalogs. We make all this effort to find the right "widget" for advertising, promotion and marketing. Sound familiar?  That's all good--BUT... is it most effective?

We all want results -
as results have their just rewards: success, better income, better way of life.

But often, we can forget to take care of the basics.  What's the solution?

You'll find it in our "Roadmap" to better, more effective, more successful promotion.

Save Yourself Time, Effort, and Money

Here's what you're about to discover:
  1. What's are THE ABC's of Effective Marketing
  2. Why "Don't be general -- Be specific" can save Time and make you Money
  3. How you will benefit 100% from the "WYSIWYG" Effect
  4. The Advantage of The BEST
  5. How Loyalty and Fidelity save YOU Money
  6. The Delivery Center for customized information

  THE ABC's of Effective Marketing

First impressions are decisive.

As they say - "you never get a second chance to make a good first impression".
In business, the first impression can make it - or break it!
Make a positive first impression. Get to know your customers needs and desires - what YOU can do for THEM.

All you do, everything you say and everything about your BUSINESS -- the quality of the product/service, the clarity of your wording, the sense of interest and excitement, the value of gift advertising, the color scheme, and much more -- contributes to your image and will register in the minds of your potential customers. Stored up in a drawer marked "your company"!  Make a Great First Impression.

 "In an era in which we are bombarded by advertising messages of every sort, the watch remains the most effective means to communicate your message and capture the attention of your audience."

Needs and desires are human nature. What can be more effective than knowing the needs and desires of your customers? Being successful at knowing what their needs are will grab their attention - and keep it! It's human nature for your customers to want the newest, the latest, the fastest, the freshest, the brightest, etc. -- They want the best!

But did you know that the biggest desire of all is that of APPRECIATION (Recognition)? Give them a gift of grand value which elevates their status and they will be proud. You just may earn a friend and - a lifetime customer!  Plus, you'll benefit from lots of Endorsements, repeat sales and referrals.

Do You know a better status symbol than that of a watch?
...and with your Logo on it -- THIS watch does more than tell time.

It's your easy, affordable springboard to implementing the Basic Marketing Formula:

  1. Get Attention - Make a Great first Impression
  2. Deliver Benefits - Show them you Recognize and Appreciate them
  3. Establish Trust - Know your customers Needs and Desires
  4. Earn Endorsements
  5. Encourage Repeat Sales and Referrals

"Watches are a cost-effective way for a business to reach its target audience."

Advertising and promoting your business and its products costs money - and
of course we all want to MINIMIZE EXPENSES.
At the same time we all want to MAXIMIZE PROFITS.

However, neglecting to show your customers and employees how appreciated they truly are, usually results in maximizing EXPENSES (high turnover, lost customers) and minimizing PROFITS (lower sales). can be guaranteed that the more you invest in recognizing and appreciating your customers and employees, the more success your business will have.

After all, if you spend NO money or time on a business... ...You have NO business!

  "Don't be general--be specific" can save Time and Money

Which watch? Traditional? Modern? Which is best for my target group? STOP...
and ask yourself:
  • What type of promotion are you involved in?
  • What goal are you trying to achieve?
  • What are the demographics and logistics of the promotion?
...with this information it becomes easy and simple to promote with the right Item. Choose the watch you like and that goes with your target group.

Here are some ideas and suggestions.
If you want to promote for example...

....and there's more

You will find a large choice of watches in different categories.

Glad to see you've made it this far! What now?

We invite you to follow our quick-read guide below and
discover the ease, advantage, and benefits of choosing
Fotowatch as your partner in turning your Promotion into
Timeless Success.

  How you will benefit 100% from the "WYSIWYG"-Effect

Save Time and Money with our Free e-sample.  How?

First of all - It's free  :-)
But the real reason.. is NO LONGER necessary to wait for a sample watch!  That's the costly, expensive way.

Save money -- Receive a free e-Sample watch with your logo on it.

That's the best way... get your Virtual Sample Watch via e-mail or, if you want, we can set up a private page on our Web site -- featuring your chosen watch.  Within 72 hours you'll see the watch with YOUR Company Logo on it.

NOW it's easy to finalize your order - because...
What You See Is What You Get!

For our customers using AOL, or for those having difficulty opening e-mail with attachments -- Our Solution:
Private, Personalized Page access and/or Download link.

  The Advantage of The BEST

Watches are cost effective way to advertise your successful company.
Something to Consider...

This is a promotion for your company that continuously works for YOU..

  • Promoting your brand 24 Hours a Day
  • Strong Image Reinforcement
    (average 30 times a day checking the time)
  • Not Seasonal - 365 Day's a year
  • Always IN - timeless all time
  • Status symbol
  • Attractive gift of great value
  • Unlimited target audience (everyone needs a watch!)

Give your customers and employees the best.  They will enjoy this gift, and
it will remind them of you every time they look at their watch.
And a satisfied customer is a lifetime customer!

More advantages to choosing Fotowatch as Your Logo Watch Supplier

  • Your Choice of 400+ Models - All Fully Customizable
  • Customized Timepieces - High Quality Yet Affordable
  • From Inquiry to Completed Order Within 72 Hours
  • Free e-Sample (Virtual Sample Watch With Your Logo)
  • Orders From 25 Pieces (Special Promotions)
  • From Small Orders for 6 Logo Watches and more... ,
    Small Orders for 12 Logo Watches and more...
    to Volume Orders
  • Free Shipping from 200 Pieces.
  • Free Artwork Charges From 200 Pieces
  • Repeat Customer Bonuses
  • Over 32 Years Experience USA/EUROPE

We turn Promotion into Timeless Success

  How Loyalty and Fidelity save YOU Money

Loyal customers don't just "happen".  They expect something EXTRA...
something MORE.  And they should.

That's why we offer YOU something EXTRA... something MORE.
- a wide and varied system of benefits.  Why?
Because we want only satisfied customers.

Here's where YOU benefit:

  • Fidelity Bonus - 5% off on the watch value of your second order!
  • Watch Bonus - 1 free watch for every 100 ordered.
    Buy 100 Watches - get 101 pieces delivered.
  • Delivery Bonus - Free Shipping to your US address from 200 pieces.
  • Free Artwork Charges from 200 pieces.
  • Free Shipping Charges from 200 Pieces.
  • Quick Order Reward - What's that?
    You'll see it when you get your e-Sample :-)
  • Member Bonus - receive Special Discounts
    when shopping in our AAA Watch Club.
  • Promotion Bonus - get notified of product NEWS before anyone else!
  • "Start-Up" Bonus - new company? -- Give us a call.

  Delivery Center for customized information

Communicate Easy... Save Time - Be More Productive...
with our Services such as:
  • 3 Step Form - Our Help Guide for product selection
  • Contact Us Form - For those of you who don't have an email client already set up..
  • Quick, Informative Responses to your e-mail - within 1 Business Day.
  • Currency Converter - How much is 1 Dollar in Pounds, DM, Euros or...?
  • Watch Glossary - All you want to know about watches.  Pure Info.
  • Have Questions? - Take a look at our FAQ - most Frequently Asked Questions Page.
  • Order Tracking - Trace it online.
  • Exclusive Design - Fully customized watches from 500-1000 pieces.
  • Design Changes - Prefer another dial, different watch hands?  ...Talk with us!
  • Dial Ideas - Looking for some ideas for making your watch project unique?!
  • Reminder Service - For product news, special promotions..
  • and of course - Free e-Sample offer.
So far, we've covered the "Roadmap" to better, more effective,
more successful promotion.

Now, let's outline the "WHAT" and the "HOW" to do...

  1. Choose a watch for YOUR target Audience..
  2. Order Your FREE e-Sample.

If you'd like our help in finding the best watch for your needs,
we offer this 3 STEP Form.  Based on the information provided,
we'll suggest the perfect watch...

And then... within 72 hours you'll receive an e-Sample
(Virtual Sample) of the watch, with Your Logo on it.

Promote your Business with a Personalized Timepiece

Our company has been in the Logo Watches business since 1991.
Our clientele consists exclusively of commercial customers and government agencies all over the world.

Hassle free delivery because we know how to handle customs import and export documents.
We understand tight schedules and finalize your orders in short time.