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Customized logo watches...

Exclusive - 24 Hour Dial Logo Watches
Swiss Precision Quartz Movement
Hour hand makes 1 revolution around the Dial...
Every 24 Hours!

Military Time Logo Watches with 24 Hour Dial
24 Hour Deluxe Custom Watches. Create A Buzz For Your Company...
and Your Logo - Advertising Message.

Why a 24 Hour Dial Logo Watch? because... It's Unique and will be Treasured.

Every single day you get a fresh new opportunity to promote your organization, develop a bond with your target group and to show your appreciation for outstanding services rendered. Now you can put this on Autopilot -- because...
Logo watches promote 24 Hours a Day -- 7 Days a Week -- for Years.

24 Hour Dial (aka Military Time) Watches are Ideal for:

  • Official Ceremonies
  • Aviation and Tourism Industries
  • All Levels of Military Service
  • Incentives for New Recruits
  • Job Completion / Job Well Done
  • Enhance Professional Image
  • Awards for Goals Achieved
  • Conventions, Exhibitions Gift for Preferred Customers
  • Committees and Conferences Members
  • ALL AGES and Genders

... exactly what you need for your ceremony, event or promotion!

Looking for that perfect gift that will get both you and your organization remembered? Problem Solved! Employees, Customers, Committee & Conference Members, Donors, Veterans, Branch Members, Sales Teams, Officers, Conventions & Exhibitions... - A Unique, High Quality 24 Hour Dial Watch will make them feel Special and Appreciated... for Years to Come.

Military Time 24 Hour Dial Logo Watch Collection - 24, 00 or 12 at TOP - Available From 12 Pieces


Fotowatch offers free e-Sample to help the customer in visualizing the logo watch. The e-Sample is a photo of your selected watch whose dial has been customized with your logo. It allows you to see exactly what your watch will look like at delivery - BEFORE you order!

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