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Customized School Logo Watches...

Looking for A Timeless School Gift or Award...
for School Managers, Teachers, Administrators or Faculty...
That's Also the Perfect Graduation Gift?

...Choose a Commemorative School Logo Watch
Custom School Logo Watches with Citizen Movement

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Wear your School Pride on your wrist...and keep it with you wherever you go

These Timeless School Logo Watches will help your School to:

  • Make Its Students Feel Special
  • Show Its Employees They're Appreciated
  • Market with Effectiveness
  • Build School Identity and Unity
  • Communicate Your Message
  • Promote your Educational Programs
  • Increase Member Loyalty
  • Celebrate Achievement

Every single day you get a fresh new opportunity to show your appreciation for what makes your school, its faculty and its students unique. Acknowledge your appreciation for those whose achievements contribute to your school's success -- because...

Logo watches promote 24 Hours a Day -- 7 Days a Week -- for Years.

Why a School Watch? - Build school Identity and Unity. Strengthen the bonds of success shared by your school, your students and your staff: Pride in a job well done...Being the Best you can be...Working Harder to Achieve Higher Goals. And when that success finally arrives - why not capture and commemorate that special moment in time with a high quality school logo watch that will be appreciated for years to come. Perfect gift 'of time' for Class Reunions, Staff Awards. A great fund raising idea -- for your School.

Team Up: Colleges & Universities, High Schools and Grade Schools have for years been successfully using Logo Watches as graduation gifts, for rewarding success and for strengthening team identity. Fact: It works!

Looking for that perfect gift that will be appreciated and treasured for years to come? Simply choose a stylish, high quality, Schools Logo Watch that will be worn with pride. Ideal for ...Teachers, Faculty, Employees, Managerial Awards, Anniversary & Graduation Gifts, Sports Team Awards, Celebrations, Auctions, Fund Raising, Alumni Gifts & More ... - A High Quality Custom Watch shows YOUR appreciation 24/7 while building school identity...

Build school identity while recognizing achievement & acknowledging success. Show your students, faculty, staff, sports and academic teams that you value their contributions.

Acknowledge your appreciation for those whose support, dedication, hard work or determination contribute to your school's success.

  • Students
  • Employees & Coaches
  • Management
  • Special Events
  • Conferences
  • Anniversaries
  • Staff Awards
  • Milestones
  • Awards
  • Graduation Ceremonies
  • Holiday Gifts
  • Reminder That You Care

What Customers Are Saying
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Dear Tammy,
We are so happy to inform you that the watches we received have fulfilled our expectations. Hope to get back to you for our orders in future.

Keep up your good work.

Jasmin I.
Middle East Cargo Company Customer

Received watches. They look great! I am going to need more mens watches, probably a dozen. How long would that take?
Thank you for contacting me... The watches were a hit last year and I appreciate you providing them to our group.

Dr. Jim R.
Life Affirmation Social Group
(Repeat customer)

Yes, we did receive the watches. They look great...the players were excited to receive them. Thanks again for your help and patience!

Ron J.
North Carolina Schools Basketball Team Customer

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