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Concept  Logo Watches ®

Custom Logo watches with a CONCEPT -
by design, features and marketing objective used solo or as part of a multiple marketing mix strategy.

This will excel your Return on Investment greatly and will give you
an unfair advandtage in your market -- Guaranteed!

Stop Losing Customers - The GAME is Retention!
Normal and average don't cut through the ocean of noise burried under the huge number of messages delivered day in and day out. Start being extraordinar and make sure that you are in the mind of your clients & customers, and not being forgotten but remembered permanently - 24/7 for years to come.

The concept to retain Top Talents differ from the goal to position yourself in the market.
The concept to reach customers for the transportation sector differ from any other industry.

ONLY the right concept and strategy will
produce the desired outcome - every time!

CONCEPT watches - by Design

Case Study: A special Custom Watch Design to visually align with a target market. For example a Motorcycle Vendor like to provide a gift for their customers. We created a big square Chronograpgh in Black with an oversized Leather strap and their Logo on the dial. As an alternative the use of a Carbon Dial pattern and a Silicone Strap with Tire profile.

CONCEPT watches - by Features

Case study: A travel agency like to promote specials for longtime repeat clients by providing a Dual time watch with 2 time Zones - one Time is set for the customers place of residence origin and the other time is set for the destination of the vacation trip.

CONCEPT watches - by Marketing Objective

Case Study: To celebrate Company anniversairy. Using a Swatch Style watch with the time of being in business imprinted on the Dial AND the Strap to reflect this celebration in addition to the company Logo added to the dial.

Sometimes any combination of concepts are applicable, for example:
by Design AND Marketing Objective

Case Study: For a Rehab Organization we created a Dial with the word 'NOW' printed in places of standard hour markers to remind the recipient that right 'Now' is the time to make a decision to stay 'Clean' and creating positive habits. It was a successful tool supporting the overall therapy.

Using a concept will delivery leverage so you'll gain more for your marketing dollars - That's what this is all about.

Does it work for every business? - - YES, it will!

It works already for the Travel industries, the Energie sectors, Military Branches, Police, Fireman and other First Responders • For the Hospital and Health care businesses • For Maritim and Boating industrie • For the Educational sector • For tradeshows and exhibits • For Corporate events and many more...

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