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Physical Watch Sample   -  Request & Availability

Custom Imprinted Promotional Logo watches

Fotowatch features over 400 logo watches for customers to choose from.
Due to the large number of logo watches that we offer, a physical watch sample may or may not be available for your requested model. Therefore, requests for physical watch samples for evaluation purposes are subject to availability.

  • Sample Request for Evaluation:
    A request for a physical watch sample for evaluation purposes can be made following e-Sample request and receipt. Physical watch samples have a random logo (if any) on the dial. The physical watch sample dial is NOT customized with the requester's company logo.

    Requests for a physical watch sample for evaluation purposes may be made by authorized employees of businesses, corporations and governmental organizations. They are not provided to individuals unafilliated with any company, business or official organization and are not for personal use.

  • Sample Costs:
    Physical watch samples are provided for evaluation purposes only and are not for sale. Loaned samples must be returned to Fotowatch within the allotted loan period. Non-returned physical samples or those returned with signs of wear, tear or use are invoiced to the customer - Sample pricing applies. Sample price is minimum order quantity unit price X 3. Physical watch samples must be returned in the same condition as received. A credit card reserve of sample cost may be required.

  • Sample Availability:
    Sample requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and are subject to availability. In cases where the requested physical watch sample is not available, Fotowatch will inform the requester of similar models from the same category that are available for evaluation. Physical watch samples are provided following e-Sample request and receipt and are made available for potential orders of 50 pieces or more OR for a minimum potential order value of $1000.00.

  • Delivery Time:
    Available samples can ship within 24 hours. If the requested sample is not in stock, customer should allow up to 2 weeks for receipt. Samples are shipped to the customer under customer's carrier account.

If time is of the essence, the customer may wish to forego a request for a physical sample and simply order an e-Sample instead. The e-Sample is a photo of the customer's selected watch whose dial has been customized with the customer's logo. The e-Sample allows the customer to see what the watch will look like at delivery, before ordering! The e-Sample assures that there are no unexpected surprises at delivery because....what you see is what you get.

Included with the e-Sample is a detailed watch description, a photo of suggested packaging, pricing and other details. You may wish to save time and expense by requesting an e-Sample instead.

Physical Sample with your company Logo on Dial (Prototypes)

Physical prototypes are provided for confirmed volume orders of 500 pieces or more and for OEM (Exclusive Design) orders for which a new mould is created. The purpose of the prototype is to confirm that a new mould has been manufactured to specifications and for approval of the final product prior to volume order manufacture.


The logos featured on custom-imprinted promotional watches shown on this web site are for illustration purposes only and are not to be considered an endorsement of any particular watch product or proof of a prior affiliation with Fotowatch. We do not manufacture or sell custom-imprinted products bearing the name, trademark, or logo of a company to anyone OTHER THAN the trademark owner or authorized licensees or representatives of the trademark owner who have obtained and provided expressed, written consent from the trademark owner for logo reproduction and use.