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Logo Watches   -  How it works...

Custom Imprinted Promotional Watches

What you need to know:

  • 1 All of our Watches are manufactured at time of order.

    This assures that you get the high quality product that you expect. Don't fall for so called "Knock Off Watches" -- a clear sign of this is a limited choice of watches, all or most with similar case. Another indicator of dealing with a "Knock off watch" is the Minimum Order Quantity of ONE piece... with a Photo Dial - most likely created with a home computer printer.

  • 2 All of our Watches are backed up with a 1 Year Warranty.

    Our strict quality control process insures that you receive your products in fine working condition.
    Hence - No surprises - and No Under-Delivery or Over-Delivery to deal with (Accounting will be happy).

  • 3 That's what we do -- we specialize in Logo Watches.

    Over 2 decades of knowledge, performance and experience in the logo watch industry - Worldwide!
    Our international customers can be assured that we know exactly which documents are required for the smooth export, transport and import of your logo watch order. In doing business with a logo watch specialist, you'll avoid impersonal promotional products Mega-Sites that specialize in nothing in particular.

    It's a simple fact that "Generalists have some knowledge about many different products... whereas a Specialist knows everything about his or her particular product." Plus, you won't have to deal with Promotion industry "Consultants" or Middle Men - whose large fees pad your budget.

    Let us assist you in choosing the perfect logo watch for your promotional needs.

Watches are the "most-watched wearable", making your company logo, business name, slogan or message seen on average 30 times a day.

Quality of workmanship combined with functionality and high perceived value guarantee that- If your logo is on one of our quality watches...time is on your side.

How do I know which watch to choose?
Where to start...

If your priority is price, material, special style, type, or function, customization options or private label creation...
Take a look at the navigation on the left to find the information needed.

Now, for the "WHAT" and the "HOW" ...

  1. Choose a watch for YOUR target Audience..
  2. Order Your FREE e-Sample.

If you'd like our help in finding the best watch for your needs,
we offer this 3 STEP Form.  Based on the information provided,
we'll suggest the perfect watch...

And then... within 72 hours you'll receive an e-Sample
(Virtual Sample) of the watch, with Your Logo on it.

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